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Patented special process

The patented process changes the crystal structure of silver wire. This process creates it to outperform unprocessed wire.

SEM Photo’s of Silver Wire Cross-Section
Pre-processing Processed


  • PCT/JP2011/073404
  • JP4691740, JP5095014

The Technology

Special process on silver wire

Our special process on silver wire creates the following features,
 (1) More conductive
 (2) More pliable
 (3) More corrosion resistant
 (4) Less heat generating
 (5) More resistant to electronic noise
Lowest Resistance Among Known Wire Materials (excluding super-conducting wire) (107.8% IACS)
Uses for Special Silver include any application where electricity is transferred.
  • Winding Wire (Magnet Wire)
  • High-frequency cable
  • High-end Audio Visual
  • Wire for Hybrid and Electric Cars
  • Solar panel
  • Wind power generation
  • Battery Recharge
  • Improved Grounding
  • Power cable
  • Medical Imaging
  • Others

Characteristic comparisons of various cables

Test results of Special Silver Wire

Diameter Conductivity ImpedanceTensile Strength
mm IACS% mΩ/m %
Pure Silver Wire(N4) 1.597 102.3 8.414 2
SpecialSilver(For Mass Production) 1.567106.78.38733
SpecialSilver(Best Laboratory Results) 1.587107.88.09630
Electirical Copper Wire(JIS C 3102) 1.6 Over 100.08.573Over 25
Electrical Aluminum Wire(JIS C 3108) 1.6 Over 6114.1 Over 1.3
Conductivity and Impedance Tests conducted by the Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories (JET); Tensile Tests conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute; The Aluminum and Copper Wire reference figures are from the JIS Standard; The Gold reference figures are from the 2000 Chronological Scientific Tables of the National Institutes of Natural Sciences (Japan).

Special Silver Wire Test Examples

  • When used in coaxial cable transmission efficiency is improved compared to normal coaxial cable.
    ---Test at Waseda University
  • In High Current tests, 0.8mm diameter wire can carry 30A;1.6mm diameter wire can carry 70A; and 2.5mm diameter wire can carry 100A (all with keeping temperature lower than 100℃)
    ---Tests by a Rapid Charge Device Maker


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